Monday, 22 March 2010

Iron Within, Iron Without (Draft 1)

Iron Warriors. Just saying those words in my head conjures up good memories. You see the sons of Perturabo were my first 40k army, together we went through alot, we both survived the 13th Black Crusade. But at some point they fell aside, I turned my back on them and joined the true sons of Rogal Dorn. . . .

But over the years they've been niggling away at the back of my mind. And finally the day has dawned; Warsmith Krol'kon marches forth once more! Behind him march rank upon rank of Chaos Space Marines, backed up by a wall of armoured vehicles. The worlds of the False Emperor and foul xenos alike tremble at the coming storm. They will fall in a hail of bolt round and cannon fire.

List Draft One (Loyalist)

Master of the Forge 145pts
plasma pistol, thunder hammer.

Tactical Squad 190pts
meltagun, multimelta. Sergeant has a power weapon.

Tactical Squad 190pts
meltagun, multimelta. Sergeant has a power weapon.

Tactical Squad 190pts
meltagun, multimelta. Sergeant has a power weapon.

Devastator Squad 278pts
8 marines. 4 lascannons.

Total: 993pts

It's got the bodies and the firepower. The loyalist codex allows Krol'kron to use his servo-harness and allows me access to multimeltas.

Would love to hear your views. Will upload a list using the traitor codex later this afternoon (need to purchase a new one first).

Friday, 12 March 2010

The Ghosts Return

3 years. 3 long years I have been awaiting this day. And finally it is here!

Tonight I will finish rereading The Saint and then tomorrow morning I will start my journey into the unknown.


Sunday, 7 March 2010

March Progress


Small amount of reading, good amount of looking :)

Dark Elf Assassin (Shadowblade)

Raven Guard Captain (Shrike)

Land Speeder Storm

Ork Big Mek

And finally my newest unit for the Essexians: Rough Riders!

Cavalry-Sergeant Erdius

Rough Rider (Meltagun1)

Rough Rider (Meltagun2)

Group Shot

Still need more Guardsman bodies for the rest of the unit, so thats my next (and probably last) purchase for this month.
Until next time,

Monday, 1 March 2010

Focus on the Reward

I've been thinking

A friend of mine suggested to me that I set myself a reward for completing my monthly goals. This way I'm focussed on hitting the marks regularly. Also it seems that Col.Corbania from Corbania Prime ( has done this kind of thing to help him beat smoking (best of luck with that mate if you're reading this). Rather than getting something special every few months I'm setting just the one reward.

Terms of the Reward

1 - My monthly goals must be completed on time.

2 - My monthly budget MUST NOT be exceeded.

3 - I must post more pictures/fluff.

If I can keep this going til December 31st then I will allow myself to add a
to my Essexians. With the money I will save by the end of the year I can easily afford one of these babies and still have spent less ;)
So there it is. Should I be bribing myself like this? I would love to know what your views are, leave a comment telling me what you think.
Until next time,

Month End Report (February 2010)


Aims for February Reviewed:
-Paint Shrike - Not Completed
-Play minimum of 3 games - Completed
-Paint purchases - Not Completed
-Construct Exorcist - Not Completed
-Finish Battle Sister squad - Not Completed

February Report:
Funds at February 1st - £30
Land Speeder Storm - £18
Ork Big Mek - £12
Total Spending - £30
Funds Remaining - £0
Funds at March 1st - £30

Thoughts: It's been a bad month hobbywise, I've got hardly anything done that I wanted to. I could blame the Xbox but if I'm honest it's because I couldn't be bothered to paint much. Instead I played Gears of War 2 far too much. This month I'm gonna keep it easy; paint those last purchases and whatever I get this month.

Aims for March:
-Paint existing purchases
-Paint this months purchases

Until next time,