Saturday, 25 April 2009

I Return!

Well my time spent fighting with the Adeptus Astartes of the Imperial Fists chapter is coming to an end, next saturday will see them taking part in a mini-tournament at my local Games Workshop. Usually I take part in these events for a bit of fun, a good laugh and the prospect of fighting out a good story. Not this time! Nothing less than a total win will do me. Over the last week I've been tweaking the list in various ways, first a unit of Scout Bikers were pushed in instead of the 4th Tactical Squad, I felt however that having another 2 units capable of capturing objectives would perform better. The other potential change was replacing my Captain with a Librarian allowing me to potentially capture an objective in the final turns using the Gate of Infinity power. In the end though I decided to keep with the original list as a Captain is more fitting for the Imperial Fists than a Librarian and the fact that I will be fielding 46 bodies in a 1000pt game should give my opponents a problem. I also bought myself a Commander kit as I find the AoBR Captain to be an absolutely horrible model and wanted to model a Captain with the equipment I want and in a better pose. The final list I've settled on is:

Captain 140pts
with powersword, plasma pistol and digital weapons.
Tactical Squad 1 175pts
with a meltagun and a multimelta.
Tactical Squad 2 175pts
with a meltagun and a multimelta.
Tactical Squad 3 180pts
with a flamer and a lascannon.
Tactical Squad 4 180pts
with a flamer and a lascannon.
Devastator Squad 150pts
with 4 heavy bolters.
Total: 1,000pts

With my time with the Fists coming to an end I'm finally going to be returning to the Essexian 23rd. This time however there will be a difference. I've decided (probabily like a thousand other people) that I want to collect an aircav army. Yes, the Valkyrie Rush has sunk it's fangs into me. Managed to get my hands on one of the lovely new kits yesterday and I happily spent a couple of hours (whilst trying to finish Dead Sky, Black Sun) putting that beast together. In order to assist painting it I've assembled it in specific assemblies: Cockpit, Troop Compartment, Wings and the Base. I'm hoping (provided the wind dies down a bit) to start spraying it later on day. Pics will follow (how many times have I promissed this and not delivered now)?

Until next time,