Monday, 27 December 2010

Chaplain Vorn, Hero of the Traxilis Uprising

Will keep this short: Repainting my Imperial Fists. Moving from 3rd Company to 4th Company. Photos don't do him justice. Might have gone over the top with the gold.

Currently working on a unit of Scouts, a Tactical squad.

Christmas Morning Tradition

Bit of a tradition I've had the past few years. In short I spend a few hours early on Christmas Morning painting up a single model for one of my many armies. This year I decided to finally paint my Dark Elf Lord with Great Weapon. Took about 5 hours in total, very happy with the finished product.

Basing still not settled on yet. Fantasy basing is a problem for me, cant decide whether to go regular grassy field or snowy Naggaroth bases. Will decide soon.