Sunday, 13 February 2011

Infantry Platoon Alpha

I've finally finished the first Infantry Platoon for my Essexians (they have been finished for a long time but I didn't want to take this photo with the bases unpainted). To be fair I do need one of the new Chimera's for the Platoon Command Squad but thats not a massive concern at the moment.

Infantry Platoon Alpha 440pts
Platoon Command Squad
3 flamers, platoon standard.
Infantry Squad
flamer. Chimera.
Infantry Squad
flamer, Commissar Horne with plasma pistol. Chimera.
Heavy Weapons Team
3 lascannons.

Platoon Command Squad

Infantry Squad 1

Infantry Squad 2

Chimera 1 and 2
Until next time,

Corsair Queen Y'rannia

Quick work in progress of my Dark Elf commander. Hoping she and her Corsairs will be finished by wednesday when i'm having my first game under the new Fantasy rules.

I love this model! Real joy to paint.

Friday, 11 February 2011

A Quick Chat With Dan Abnett

A few saturdays ago I got to meet Dan Abnett at a book signing in Thurrock, and got my copy of The Lost signed, and had the chance to ask Mr Abnett a few quick questions which he was kind enough to answer fully.

Me: Will we ever get the Gaunt/Rawne fight that you've been building up to since First and Only?
Dan: Yes. In Traitor General Gaunt and Rawne had to put aside their differences to complete their mission, but in Blood Pact Rawne starts to revert to his old self, mostly because he's bored. So yes the fight is coming up in the next few books.

Me: Would you consider killing off the Ghosts in the final book? It's the 41st millenium, there are no happy endings.
Dan: Definitely. The Ghosts will not have a happy ending. I just haven't decided how extreme I want to be with the final book.

Salvations Reach will be the 2nd part of The Victory will a potential for a final 2 books to wrap everything up, this doesn't include the 'Lil Gaunt' prequels.