Sunday, 11 December 2011

For Vincent and Kim

Who would have thought it? I may actually finally get myself a fully painted fantasy army. Considering I've been playing Fantasy for over 10 years it's a little embarassing. But oh well better late than never right? ;-)



Necromancer on Corpse Cart (Necro is magnetised so can be used on foot)



Painting a Terrorgheist at the moment.


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pre-Heresy World Eaters Assault Squad and Captain

First Assault Squad finished (minus Drop Pod, bases and transfers)

Axe haft replaced with bottom half of a Terminator Warding Stave handle.


Corsair Queen Y'rannia Pt2

Not much of an update but I suppose an update is an update right? ;)


Look At The Size Of That Thing!

Mines bigger than yours! The new Dreadlord on Black Dragon kit is absolutely gorgeous. Didn't think GamesWorkshop could top the High Elf Dragon but oh how I was wrong. The model practically screams Terror!

Shame I can't use it for quite some time ='( Damn you percentages!


Imperial Armour: A First Impression

Ordered my first Imperial Armour book a couple of months back. Arrived on time, opened the box looked over the front cover and everything looked fine, turned it over and noticed a small crease "no big deal" I say to myself.

I then turn it onto it's side and see this:

My first thought was "must have been damaged during delivery" so I checked the box but couldn't find any damage. So it makes me wonder; Was the book packed in that quality? I certainly hope it wasn't.

Needless to say I wasn't happy but managed to get it replaced within a few days. Does make you wonder though.


Sunday, 17 July 2011

Pre-Heresy World Eater


Actually got something finished. The first of my Pre-Heresy World Eaters. More soon.


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Pre-Heresy World Eaters Captain; Weapon Too Big?

Hey again,

Converting a Pre-Heresy World Eaters captain and thought a double headed chainaxe would look impressive but the haft of the weapon was far too short. So I hacked it apart and used some rod to give it a bit of length. But now I'm wondering: Have I made it too long?

Can't help but feel it's just a tad bit too long.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

[2SHV] - Hobby Vows

So in an effort to actually get some more of my models painted I've decided to give the Second Sphere Hobby Vow challenge a shot.

The basics are:

-Set yourself vows for the next month.

-Complete vows/as much of your vows as possible.

-Get points for how well you do.

-Compare against other members.

So I've decided to get off my arse and start my Pre-Heresy Night Lords.

July Targets

-Finish Tactical Squad

-Finish Drop Pod

-Base models in a swampy style

Where I am at the moment

So here we go,


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Pre-Heresy Decisions

Hey guys,

No new pics just yet but a bit of news. The Star Phantoms project has ground to a halt after I decided the Badab Campaign wasn't for me. What originally started as a campaign designed for a bit of fun has descended into "I Must Win At All Costs" hell so I've dropped out. Thats left me thinking about what I want to work on next.

For years now I've had this obsession with Pre-Heresy themed armies and now I'm going to invest in a proper PH force. Now all I need to do is decide which Legion I'm want to do.

Imperial Fists
Night Lords
Raven Guard

In the end I've decided to give myself to Rogal Dorn and his Imperial Fists. Pics should be up soon of my first Tactical Squad before it goes onto the production line for painting.

Next time I'll tell you about my Dark Elf Dreadlord and his amusing exploits.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Badab Campaign: I Love You Lexicanum!

Me again,

Lexicanum have finally been updated with some information on the Star Phantoms. And it's given me a whole host of options.

Before I was under the impression that the Star Phantoms only deployed their 9th Company (Devastator Company) to Badab, according to this new information they actually sent the entire Chapter.

Also it seems that rather than the normal 2 Devastator Squads per Battle Company the Star Phantoms maintain 3 Devastator Squads.

Star Phantom Battle Brother

Star Phantom Terminator

Oh and this is their chapter symbol,



Badab Campaign: On A Roll

Hey once more, Been rather productive recently, as you can see below:

Finished the first combat squad for my Star Phantoms and I have to say I'm pretty happy with them. Starting the second half of the squad tonight.


Friday, 11 March 2011

Imperial Fist Scouts

I'm very happy with these guys, which makes a nice change as recently I've not been impressed with any of the models I've finished.

What is it?

Any guesses what 'it' is? Or what 'it' is going to be used for?

Would love to hear your guesses. Gonna work on it a bit more this weekend.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Badab Campaign: Big Problem

Just got back from a fun day at GW Southend, spent all day painting and decided to skip playing a game.

Been a pretty productive day which has seen me work on the Tactical Marines, Imperial Fist Scouts and Captain Androcles.
First up is the Tactical Marines and lets just say I'm really not impressed with these. The test model looked good so I got to work on the next 10 and it went down hill from there. Have a look for yourself.

Next are my Imperial Fists Scouts that are finally finished. Very happy with these boys and had a few comments made about them. May look into expanding them into a full 1,000pt Imp Fists list in this scheme.

And finally I've done the conversion for Captain Androcles. And again I'm very happy with the result.

Need to get back to the drawing board with these Star Phantoms.
More soon,

Monday, 7 March 2011

Badab Campaign: Chariots of the Phantoms

Small update tonight, built 3 of the Rhinoes I've had in boxes for a while.

Getting my large drybrush tomorrow and will be spending most of the day down GW Southend hopefully being productive and getting bits painted. Oh and I'm also starting my Captain Androcles conversion. Should be a good day.
May also try to get a game in with my Imperial Fists. Glory to Rogal Dorn!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Badab Campaign: Test Model and Ancient Alondrius

Been busy this weekend assembling my 1,000pt Star Phantoms force, 30 Tactical Marines and the Dreadnought are awaiting undercoated and a lick of paint. One thing I have realised (AGAIN) is that I really hate cleaning mould lines off of models, and when you've got 30 Tactical Marines to clean up it makes you want to scream. You'd think with the advances in injection moulding technology that they would of found a way of stopping mould lines forming.

So this is the first stage of the test model for my scheme. Looking hopeful but the real result won't be apparent til tuesday as I need to purchase a large drybrush to continue. So hopefully come wednesday I should know whether this is the scheme I'm going with.

I've assembled and undercoated Ancient Alondrius, my Dreadnought. Really wanted to arm him with a lascannon but I just didn't have the points for it without reducing the effectiveness of the list elsewhere.

And before I forget there has been a slight change to my 1,000pt list due to lack of available multi-melta's. Each Tactical Squad is now carrying a rocket launcher.
Until next time,