Monday, 27 December 2010

Chaplain Vorn, Hero of the Traxilis Uprising

Will keep this short: Repainting my Imperial Fists. Moving from 3rd Company to 4th Company. Photos don't do him justice. Might have gone over the top with the gold.

Currently working on a unit of Scouts, a Tactical squad.

Christmas Morning Tradition

Bit of a tradition I've had the past few years. In short I spend a few hours early on Christmas Morning painting up a single model for one of my many armies. This year I decided to finally paint my Dark Elf Lord with Great Weapon. Took about 5 hours in total, very happy with the finished product.

Basing still not settled on yet. Fantasy basing is a problem for me, cant decide whether to go regular grassy field or snowy Naggaroth bases. Will decide soon.


Saturday, 27 November 2010

Cadet-Commissar Aden Trask, Lascannon Team


Cadet Aden Trask started as a character for a short story competition I entered (didn't get a single vote) but kick started the Essexian army. Very little is known about Trask's background but rumours have quickly spread about a previous posting and an inquisitorial investigation. Whether these rumours are true or not noone dares to find out as the Cadet is protected by the Regimental Commissar himself.

Cadet-Commissar Trask

Lascannon Heavy Weapons Team

Next up will be either my Hydra or Vanquisher (Old Reliable) and my autocannon heavy weapon teams.
Until next time,

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Commissar Dainor 'The Psycho' Horne

Hey once again,

Been an extremely long time with no updates. Infact its been an extremely long time since I've painted anything at all. Today though I've been painting pretty much all day, Horne is finished, the lascannon heavy weapons are almost finished and Chimera 2 is 30mins from completion. So here he is, Commissar Dainor 'The Psycho' Horne. Don't get on his bad side if you want to live.

A sight you never want to experience

Commissar-Cadet Aden Trask is next to go under my brush.


Thursday, 5 August 2010

Pre-Heresy Ultramarine Test


I've had a Battle Company of Space Marines sitting in a box for a few months now just waiting for inspiration to strike. Since then a few ideas have entered my head (Raven Guard and Iron Warriors) but those amounted to nothing. Then a few days back it struck me. Ultramarines. I've always enjoyed painting blue (High Elves and Dark Eldar had large amounts of blue) but felt I could do a better job now. So this morning I sat down, put a Mock the Week dvd on (always paint better with a comedy playing on my tv) and painted this Tactical Marine up.

The pic doesn't really do the model justice and I'm extremely happy with the result. It took around 30mins to do this, including drying time for the wash. A couple of squads shouldn't take much longer than an hour to paint up.

Now I just need my Ultramarine shoulder pads to arrive and I'm good to go.

Until next time,

Friday, 30 July 2010

Marauder Destroyer Project: Part 6. Tail Stabiliser.

Hey, me again,
Tail Stabiliser is all done. Not much longer til everything starts getting attached to the main body and this baby takes shape :)


Hydra Part 2.

Now she just needs a lick of paint and some semi-funny name (like Old Reliable, my Vanquisher).


Thursday, 29 July 2010



This is where I currently am with the Hydra tank. Tracks will be painted before being attached to the hull as it results in a neater finish.

I've got a pretty big problem with the hydra autocannons as the barrels on both parts aren't straight and bend inwards towards the end. I currently don't know how to fix this problem and would appreciate any advice on how to straighten the barrels out.

Thanks in advance if you decide to reply,

Marauder Destroyer Project: Part 5. Wings

Hey again,

Small update on the Marauder Project. Both wings are now cleaned and built (minus Hellstrike Missiles which are gonna be magnetised).

Next will be the cockpit and then the weapon mounts. After that all I need to do is greenstuff the gaps. Some of the gaps, especially between the wings and fuselage are pretty big so will require quite a while to fix properly.
Still need to order the magnets, acrylic rod and base. I do know what rod I want and where to get it.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Marauder Destroyer Project: Part 4. Wing Assembly 1

Short update, getting ready for work *boo*. First pair of engines are attached. Didn't realise til after they were glued that both wing assemblies haven't been washed yet, that will be the first job tomorrow (fingers crossed the glue won't melt).

Until next time,

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Marauder Destroyer Project: Part 3. Taking Shape

Hey again,

back working nights again now so I haven't had as much time to work on this beasty as I would like. Pinned and glued Nose and Ttail sections to the Fuselage. Nose was pinned with 4 pins and the Tail with 3. May have to go back and make a fourth pin in the Tail as the joint isn't very strong (broke it immediately after I put the camera down).

Next job will be the Cockpit area.


Saturday, 10 July 2010

Marauder Destroyer Project: Part 2. Fuselage pinned

Slight progress has been made. Fuselage has been washed and cleaned. Then using the skills acquired from my apprenticeship I marked out the points where the pins would secure the top and bottom halves of the fuselage together. Took around 30mins and was extremely fiddly but finally got there. Then it was a simple task of drilling the 12 holes. Next paper clips were 'clipped' up to the required length and placed in the bottom half of the fuselage. Top half was fitted into place. Once I was happy with the fit the pins were superglued into the bottom half of the fuselage before the top half was glued into position.

Pin holes marked and drilled. Fuselage Top.

Pin holes marked and drilled. Fuselage Bottom.

Paperclip pins. Required shortening when halves were placed together.
Top and Bottom of fuselage in position.
I want to look at pinning the tail component to the fuselage. Also need to research possibility of magnetising the wings to the fuselage in order to ease transportation.

Marauder Destroyer Project: Part 1. Is it all there?


Yep it's official. I'm building a Marauder Destroyer. Oh yea and the order also contained a Hydra Flak tank.

So today (now that I've got some spare time) will be taken up by:
-Ensuring every component is there.
-Clean the fuselage.
-Start slow construction of the fuselage.

Everything present and accounted for.

There are still a few bits I need. Namely: a base, flying rod and some magnets.

Well I'm off to start cleaning,

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Project: Whats in the Box?

Title says it all. So what exactly is in the box? Any guesses? (It's for the Imperial Guard btw)


Sunday, 4 July 2010

For Khaine!

Another weekend gone, another few days of painting. Decided to start to focus on my Khainite units now that I've finished both units of Spearmen. So on the paint station were my Death Hag, Cauldron of Blood and my Witch Elf command group. Oh and I finished the flesh and hair of my Shades. Without furthur ado, the pics . . . .
Death Hag

Really happy with the flesh and hair.

Cauldron of Blood
This could be a pain to paint, large areas of Shining Gold are difficult to paint smoothly. Doesn't help there aren't many decent guides on the interweb.
Witch Elf Command
These are alot more fun than I was expecting. Rather than having paint lots of armour these girls give me a reason to paint large areas of flesh (something I enjoy). Will definitely be adding a 2nd or even 3rd unit, but thats a topic for another time.

Flesh and hair are now finished with a final highlight of Elf Flesh (flesh) and a highlight of Codex Grey (hair).
I'm on a roll, lets keep it up eh Marky?

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Dark Elves - Where I Am

Finished Unit of Spearelves

Both Units of Spearelves

Everything Completely Finished (Malus, Assassin, 2 Spearelf Units)
Thats where I currently am with the force, next week hoping to get the Cauldron of Blood I've ordered finished and get a unit of Crossbowelves painted up. Fingers crossed.

Week Challenge - How It Went

It just didn't happen . . . . .

I bet thats what you were expecting to read wasn't it? Well pick your jaw off the floor because I've actually done something this week. The plan was paint for an hour a night and post the results on friday. Started off to a flyer and ended up painting for 2hrs monday and tuesday. College got in the way wednesday, thursday and friday. But last night (saturday) something weird happened: I managed to paint pretty much non-stop for 5hrs (thanks to Mock The Week and Bad Boys 2). So heres the pics.
EDIT: I haven't just been painting 3 spearmen but the full unit of 20. Easier to photo just 3 =)

End of Monday

Shade cloaks basecoated Astronomican Grey.
Spearelves cloth basecoated Mechrite Red.

End of Tuesday

Shade cloaks painted Codex Grey and washed Badab Black.
Spearelves cloth painted Red Gore.

End of Saturday

Spearelves leather painted Bestial Brown. Scabbard banding painted Chainmail. Flesh basecoated Tallarn Flesh, highlighted Elf Flesh, washed Ogryn Flesh.
Next Week?
Probably Cauldron of Blood and either Witch Elves or Crossbowmen.