Thursday, 31 December 2009

"Stand Ready For Muster!"

Small, quick post today.

Got a 2,000pt game against my friends Death Guard (what a way to end the year) and I've decided to field the Guardsmen rather than the Imperial Fists (though I'm itching to use those as well).

So heres a quick pic of everything I'll be using (infact every Imperial Guard model I own). It's all in various stages of completion (check the first Chimera, absolutely covered in dust).


The list is:

Command Squad
plasma pistol, power weapon, standard, medic, 2 plasmaguns

Commissar Lord
power weapon

10 Stormtroopers
plasma pistol

Infantry Command
standard, 3 flamers, commissar, powerfist

heavy stubber

Infantry Squad
flamer, commissar

heavy stubber

Infantry Squad
flamer, commissar, power weapon, plasma pistol

heavy stubber

3 plasmaguns

3 Scout Sentinels


Leman Russ
heavy bolters

Leman Russ Demolisher
heavy bolters, heavy stubber

Leman Russ Vanquisher
lascannon, heavy stubber

Lets hope the Vanquisher does something this time :)

Will report on the game later tonight, wish me luck,

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Swag and Test


Well another christmas has been and gone. Family have visited and returned to their homes (disappointing that we only get to meet up together once a year). And one of my armies has received some much needed reinforcing.

Swag (Warhammer)
This year it was my Battle Sisters that got the shiney new toys. I received:
  • 1 Sisters Exorcist (Organ tank)
  • 1 Sister Superior with bolt pistol
  • 2 Sisters with meltaguns
  • 1 Sister with flamer
  • 3 Battle Sisters

The Exorcist allows me to field my 1,000pt list. The tank is gorgeous but looks to be a pain to assemble (thats not to mention the weight of the thing) I may have to invest in a pin drill before I begin construction.

I can also field an 8 girl unit of Dominions armed with 4 flamers. This should help me against the surge in Tyranids we can all expect to encounter over the next few months.

Swag (Non-Warhammer)

  • Halo ODST
  • Gears of War 2 (both for the Xbox 360 that I dont yet own)
  • Michael McIntyre Live at Wembley
  • Two and a Half Men dvds (Seasons 3-5)
  • Inglorious Basterds
  • Leather Wallet
  • HMV vouchers

So all in all its been a good haul this year :)

Updating the Fists

I've never really been over the moon with my Imperial Fists. There is no depth or highlighting on any of the models and I feel they deserve more. So a few nights back I decided to experiment on my Sternguard Sergeant.




So far I'm happy with this test. With the next Sternguard I want to try a Ogryn Flesh wash for the shading rather than Devlan Mud. We'll see how that comes out :)

Until next time,


Thursday, 24 December 2009

Ho Ho Ho


Small update.

Christmas Model 09
Tomorrow morning this baby will be getting a lick of paint. Will post in a few days how its come out.

Sisters Rhino Progress
Did this in a single hour (new record). Pics don't do the model justice, the purple has come out really smoothly with no streaks. Means my Exorcist should look pretty tasty.

Merry Something Or Other
I would just like to take this moment to wish my 4 readers (i'm shocked i've even got that many) the Merriest of Christmases. I hope Santa brings you everything you demanded.

Time to start thinking of your Gaming Resolutions for next year folks.

Until next time,

Saturday, 19 December 2009

"Dusting Off"


Well it was a semi-productive day yesterday. I got half of the Dark Elves based, but still have to assemble the final half of 20 Spearmen. Would have liked to have based everything but I hate basing ;) I've Red Gored the armour and standard for my Essexian Command Squad, should be finished by the end of the year (fingers crossed).

Oh yea and I've finished the Valkyrie! *cue cheering* This beast has been in my posession since 9th May. You are correct it has taken over 8 months to paint. But finally my baby is done. Check it out:


Did I mention that I want to change the weapon loadout? With the rapidly approaching Tyranid swarms I feel that Rocket Pods may be a better option for the Valk. I may remove the Hellstrikes.

A Problem
I know what you're thinking "Damn Pettsy is that all you did in a day?" Why no it wasn't is my reply. I attempted to finish assembling the Hydra for my Dark Elves and I ended up giving up before I threw it at a wall. Now this is a first for me, never before has a model defeated me (must be the stubborness of Rogal Dorn within me). I'm struggling to understand the reasoning for releasing the Hydra as a metal model NOT a plastic one. This gorgeous beastie stands on 3 legs and weighs an absolute tonne, this unfortunately makes it tend to fall to the side. I've tried superglue, greenstuff and a mixture of the two but to no avail. Therefore in the new year I'm gonna have to take the wee beastie to GW London and get him seen to, which will mean me having to fork out for a drill :( Still got no clue why I bought that model, wouldn't have had this issue with 4 bolt throwers ;)

So until next time,

Friday, 18 December 2009

Snow Day


due to the decent amount of snow we got last night I havent been able to get into college. This is a good thing as it means I can paint :D

So the plan for today:
-Complete Valkyrie. This has been sitting on my shelf in an almost finished state for about 3 months now. Will take 5mins to finish.
-Complete Command Squad. Just got armour and weapons to go.
-Base Dark Elves. Need to base Master, Sorceress, 40 Spearelves, 10 Crossbowelves, Bolt Thrower Crew.

I'll let you know how it goes,

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Guard, Elves and Tanks


Pictures, pictures and a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure this evening. So without furthur waffling, I present . . . . .

Command Squad

Company Standard Bearer

Medic (with cigar)

Heavy Weapons
Lascannon Heavy Weapon Team

Dark Elf Sorceress

Dark Elf Spearmen

Until next time,

Monday, 30 November 2009

Sisters/Elves 1,000pt lists


In an effort to update this more regularly in the run up to Christmas/New Year I thought I'd share the lists I'm building the two armies (Witch Hunters for 40k, Dark Elves for Fantasy) to.

Note: Am currently typing these lists off the top of my head. Will replace with real lists when I get home.

Sisters of Battle
with inferno pistol, blessed weapon, book of st. lucius.

7 Celestians
2 with meltaguns.

with smoke launchers and extra armour.

10 Battle Sisters
Vet Superior with book of st. lucius. 2 with meltaguns.

with smoke launchers and extra armour.

10 Battle Sisters
Vet Superior with book of st.lucius. 2 with meltaguns.

with smoke launchers and extra armour.

10 Battle Sisters
Vet Superior with book of st. lucius. 2 with meltaguns.

with smoke launchers and extra armour.


Dark Elves
with sword of might, armour of eternal servitude, cold one, sea dragon cloak, shield.

with tome of furion.

15 Spearmen
with shield and full command.

10 Crossbowmen

15 Corsairs
with full command.

9 Cold One Knights
with full command.

Hopefully I can get one of these armies painted quick so that I can start gaming with them at a GW store.


Sunday, 29 November 2009

My Apologies

Long time, no update!

Lets cut to the chase, this month has been hell! I've turnt 21, I've spent far too much (damn you christmas!) and I've been working my backside off. And these have meant little/no time for my painting.

So what have I been doing?
Trying to paint up a full 1,000pts of Sisters. To make it more managable I've split the army in half and am focusing on one half at a time.

Heres the first finished Sister. The others are in the last stages of painting, with only the tabards and the bases to go. Hoping to have the full army finished by January. Not gonna happen is it? ;)

And on the fantasy front I've started a Dark Elf army. I've done this so I own a decently painted 40k and Fantasy army.

Next up my converted Dreadmistress. I've used the body of the Supreme Sorceress and glued it to the legs of a Cold One Knight. This has the advantage of making her look more Lordy than a Sorceress and also eliminates some of the weight.

And finally the first part of my Spear Elves. I'm going to go with a black and deep red scheme. Hoping to have this unit finished by Friday. Doable :)

Until next time,

Saturday, 24 October 2009




Sunday, 18 October 2009

WAAAAGH! Gorespittle


Been busy this week so not much time for painting though I did manage to get 2 games of Planetstrike in (Game 2 and 3 on the Roll of Honour). And I lost both. The second game was the worst. Attacking and I didn't destroy a single bastion, whats annoying is the fact I was using 2 Demolishers, Vanquisher and 3 lascannon Sentinels.

But whats new this week? Well I've grown bored of power armour so I've started an Ork army. Started painting Warboss Gorespittle this afternoon.


As you can see not much progress so far but hoping to get more down over the next couple of days. Got wednesday off work so hoping to get a bit done then.

Until next time,

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Check Out My Goodies


Ended up going GW Southend instead of Thurrock, thank you very much Network Rail! And it was a pain in the backside. Store packed with little kids, too few staff etc. Had to go to the counter twice (forgot the Space Wolf Second Omnibus first time) and it took 5mins to get served the second time. So what did I get?

+Space Wolf Codex (for friend)
+3 paints (for friend)

And of course I couldn't get either dvd in HMV, so I actually came back with less than expected.

I spent a few hours putting the Sentinels together (because mum came to visit) and heres the pics:
With my thumb :)

And finally I also fully built my Vanquisher hull.

So the plan for this week?
-Spray and 'Red' the Vanquisher hull
-Finish at least 1 Chrimera


Saturday, 3 October 2009

Braving the Elements

Date: October 3rd
Weather: Bad
Plan: Go shopping

Am I mad? More than likely. Heading down to Thurrock GW to pick up those Sentinels you chose and some bits for a friend. Now normally I try to keep as far away from GWs on new army release day, shop always swarming with the little brats wanting the new best thing. With these brats occupying the attentions of the staff it takes 3x as long to get served. Gets my blood pressure up a bit :)

So in the end I will be returning with:
-2x Sentinel boxes
-Space Wolves Codex (friend)
-Space Wolves Grey, Fenris Grey, Golden Yellow, Sorched Brown paints (friend)
-Space Wolves Second Omnibus
-Resident Evil Exinction dvd
-Frankie Boyle live dvd

Any bets I come back with more than that? ;)

Should be able to get some progress pics for the Sentinels up later tonight. Also got some other pics to share from earlier this week.

Cya soon,

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Thousand Sons Predator (Part 1)


Wanted to add something different to my Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons so I picked up a Predator a few weeks back and finally got around to assembling and spraying the model. One thing that dictated the weapon set-up is the fact that during the Heresy there were no Predator Anihilators, so meant I had to go with the autocannon turret.


Not much done so far, just the basecoat for the red. Next step is to ink the red areas and begin to drybrush those parts Blood Red.


Wednesday, 23 September 2009


It's 4.30pm and I've just woken up (my eyes are still covered in that gunky crud) so forgive me for yet another small update.

The poll result is in! Next time I head on down to my nearest GW (not exactly near but it's on the way to/from work) I'll be grabbing a pair or maybe even a trio of Scout Sentinels. I've narrowed the weapon choice down to 2 options.

Autocannons - Decent Strength, good number of shots. Only downside is I struggle to roll decently when trying to penetrate vehicles.
Lascannons - Brilliant Strength. These hitting a vehicle in its side armour are more than likely going to leave it a smoking wreck.

So thats that for the moment. Next time I post I should have some more pics for ya, hopefully of the finished Valkyrie (just got the wing jets to do) and maybe the Veterans as well (or maybe not that much!)

Take care,

P.S Just noticed this is longer than I thought :)

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Kahotep, Sorceror-Son of Prospero


The child Kahotep was discovered alone in the desolation of Prospero, how he came to survive is a mystery. He was brought to the City of Light by Ahriman himself, some whisper that Magnus himself ordered the sorceror to find the boy.

Once in the city Ahriman brought the boy before the Cyclopean sorceror. What was said between them none can say, all thats known is Magnus ordered that Kahotep be trained to use his psychic abilities.

A week into his training the future of Prospero was forever changed. The Emperor himself was reunited with his lost son. Kahotep was one of the first to be granted the blessed Geneseed and start on the road to becoming a Space Marine.

Kahotep now fights alongside his newfound brothers in the Great Crusade. With two of the legions mightiest heroes to learn from his future seems bright. But even the brightest lights can dim with time . . . . .

Monday, 14 September 2009



No pics for you yet (currently working on some of my Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons at the moment but will post when they're ready).

However, I'm looking at adding something new to my Guard but I need some help from my loverly readers (if I have any :}) So what do you think I should add from the list?

Thanks in advance,

Monday, 7 September 2009

The Long Overdue Promise


after much procrastination, swearing and work I've finally got around to getting pics of my recent updates. So I won't bore you any longer and get straight down to the pics.

Demolisher (Leman Russ barrel cut down) Got a second one sitting in a box waiting to be assembled (job for the weekend).

Vanquisher. My lovely ForgeWorld goodie, can't wait to get this baby sprayed and on the paint station.

Chimera's 2 and 3. Note to self, leave tracks off before spraying next time :)

Air Support

This beast has taken ages to complete, it's in the final stages and I hope to work on it over the week and the weekend to get it finished. Still not sure which weapons to give it.

Infantry Command Squad
Lieutenant Antkins

Corporal Symes

Corporal Smythe


Other Updates
Infantry Squad 2 - Completed
Commissar Trask - Greatcoat and Cap basecoated
Commissar Horne - Greatcoat and Cap basecoated
Commissar Carr - Greatcoat and Cap basecoated

And thats that for the moment.