Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pre-Heresy World Eaters Assault Squad and Captain

First Assault Squad finished (minus Drop Pod, bases and transfers)

Axe haft replaced with bottom half of a Terminator Warding Stave handle.


Corsair Queen Y'rannia Pt2

Not much of an update but I suppose an update is an update right? ;)


Look At The Size Of That Thing!

Mines bigger than yours! The new Dreadlord on Black Dragon kit is absolutely gorgeous. Didn't think GamesWorkshop could top the High Elf Dragon but oh how I was wrong. The model practically screams Terror!

Shame I can't use it for quite some time ='( Damn you percentages!


Imperial Armour: A First Impression

Ordered my first Imperial Armour book a couple of months back. Arrived on time, opened the box looked over the front cover and everything looked fine, turned it over and noticed a small crease "no big deal" I say to myself.

I then turn it onto it's side and see this:

My first thought was "must have been damaged during delivery" so I checked the box but couldn't find any damage. So it makes me wonder; Was the book packed in that quality? I certainly hope it wasn't.

Needless to say I wasn't happy but managed to get it replaced within a few days. Does make you wonder though.