Friday, 21 May 2010

News From The Front - Krytton Secundus Update

TO: Inquisitorial High Command
FROM: Inquisitor Hakkor Vidius, Ordo Malleus, Krytton Sub-Sector, Battleship 'Talis Glorium'
SUBJECT: Krytton Secundus
RECEIVED: 07.34, 999.M41


As you are aware the Emperors Tarrot and consultation with the holy grimoires of our order confirmed that the nefarious power of the chaos god Nurgle would be focussed on the Krytton Sub-Sector. In particular Krytton Secundus itself would be the focal point. Unable to gather a sufficient sized force I tasked 3 Imperial Guard regiments (Kurlian 34th Heavy Infantry, Virgus 11th Light Infantry and Essexian 23rd Mechanised) to reclaim the planet. My expectation was to use the Guard as a distraction until a hammerforce could be gathered to obliterate the foul heretics.

Events on the surface of Krytton Secundus have meant that reclaimation may not be feasible. Initial landings of Imperial forces was met with almost overwhelming force. Records show that 80% of the initial deployments were annihilated, second waves however were successful in reinforcing landing areas. Once those beachheads were opened the Guard entrenched in expectation of an even fiercer counterattack. When those counterattacks were launched the Guard buckled and barely held the line. After-action reports indicate that the target of these attacks were the Imperial Guard commanding officers. Colonel Elec Frest and Colonel Anar Fentris of the Kurlian and Virgus were wounded but are still combat-effective. Colonel Reikard Antkinson of the Essexians however regretably was killed, to furthur compound the failure of the Essexians a large force gave chase to the withdrawing Chaos Marines was ambushed and destroyed. Below are estimations of the remaining strength of the Imperial Guard regiments.

Kurlian 34th - 20% casulties, position viable.
Virgus 11th - 24% casulties, position strong.
Essexian 23rd - 35% casulties, position tenuous.

If this rate of attrition continues at expected levels then 'alternate measures' may be necessary.

~Inquisitor Hakkor Vidius~

Monday, 3 May 2010

Month End Report (April 2010)

Aims for April Reviewed
-Paint purchases - Failed
-Paint 'Old Reliable' - Failed

April Report
Funds at April 1st - £36
Space Marine Tactical Squad - £20
Space Marine Captain - £8 (NOT ARRIVED YET)
Funds Remaining - £8
Funds at May 1st - £38

Weird month this one. Started to really go to town with the Raven Guard by getting rid of mould lines and drilling the bolter barrels, but this has had the problem that its taking 3x as long to get a Tactical Squad built. The Vanquisher never really stood a chance as I'm in total Pre-Heresy mode nowadays.

Aims for May:
-Paint previous purchases
-Paint purchases for the month
-Remain in budget