Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Construction Completed . . . Well Almost

Good afternoon myself (since I'm probabily the only one reading this),

Well yesterday I decided to pull my finger out and try and get my damned Chimera finished. This was the first model I bought and started painting for the army and so far it's STILL not finished. After an hours session I have only the metal detail of the Right Side panel to do. The reason this has taken so long is the fact that I've tried to be as neat as possible with this army. Now that I can see how the tank will look when it's finished I need to speed up the painting a bit.

So heres (yet another) update.

Chimera - Right Side panel to complete
Leman Russ - Undercoated
Infantry Platoon 1 - Sergeant base coated uniform, 2 Troopers undercoated, 7 glued to base
Infantry Platoon 2 - All glued to base
Commissar Cadet - Greatcoat painted, based
Commissar - Glued to base
Inquisitor - Based

Until next time,

Monday, 23 March 2009

For The Emperor! For Dorn!

Very small update, Captain finished late last night. Not overly happy, the spray didn't come out too well so that hasn't helped. May try and grab another. Picture later this week hopefully.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Slacking again


well this week has flown past like all the others (at this rate im gonna drop dead before i know it) and once again I've done sweet-fuck-all hobbywise. I'm currently trying to juggle 3 things at once and like with real juggling I'm cocking it up (Imp Guard, Imp Fists and Brets).

Imperial Fists Update
Captain - Flesh, armour, metal, cape, tabard finished. Just the bolter and the standard to go.
Tactical Squad 1 - Finished.
Tactical Squad 2 - Sergeant, meltagun and 4 marines finished.
Tactical Squad 3 - Lascannon and flamer finished. Rest assembled and sprayed.
Tactical Squad 4 - Still in the box
Devastator Squad - Assembled and sprayed.

Hopefully by the end of next week I will have the Captain, Tactical Squad 2 and the Devastators finished.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Yet another Progress update


Small update whilst I'm at work. Been chugging away slowly this week painting Imperial Fists, Imperial Guard and some Brettonians (4 months and counting now for my Trebuchet!)

I've finally finished my first Guardsman last night, would have been finished earlier this week but I kept putting off the free hand on the shoulderpad. Its come out better than I expected. Pic later this week when I've got better lighting available.

Imperial Fists
Captain (Undercoated and flesh finished)
10 Tactical Squad with lascannon and flamer (Assembled)
10 Tactical Squad with lascannon and flamer
10 Tactical Squad with multimelta and meltagun (Completed)
10 Tactical Squad with multimelta and meltagun (5 finished)
5 Devastator Squad with rocket launchers

Lots of work still to do, hopefully by the end of the month this army will be done. Not holding my breath though :(

Take care,

Sunday, 8 March 2009



Well progress on the Guard has ground to a standstill whilst I focus on the Imperial Fists. Not much of an update but I thought I would post some pics of two of my favourite units I've painted so far. Captain Lysander and a 5 man Assault Marine squad. Ignore the moulding lines, I painted these up before getting some files, I'm now removing all moulding lines before I spray now :).

Captain Darnath Lysander

Assault Marines Squad Onderus

Assault Marine Sergeant Onderus

Note to self: Get started on the basing.

Take care,

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Sons of Dorn march forth

Hey again,

I haven't been able to play a game for the past 8months now, I still dunno how I've survived this time, because I haven't seen my regular opponent (only one I have nowadays). Despite my early annoyances this time away from the battlefield has given me the opportunity to see why I love this hobby so much. It's also given me the chance to take stock of each army and where it can be expanded. Now my local store (Lakeside, Thurrock) usually run 40k nights on Tuesday and Thursday but because of work I have been unable to take part. So I got thinking, which of my armies could I expand and in what way so that I can take a small force to work with me.

-Must be all infantry
-Must be all plastic (except maybe my HQ)

So looking at the options available I decided to return to my Imperial Fists as I already have a sizable force already. With a few additions I can quickly hit the battlefield again.

The List
Now writing a decent army list has always been a struggle for me. So I decided to enlist some assistance from my experienced gamer friend Vincent (if your reading this, cheers matey). And this is what we came up with.

Captain 115pts
with powersword and bolt pistol.

Tactical Squad 190pts
with flamer and lascannon. Sergeant carries a combi-flamer.
Tactical Squad 190pts
with flamer and lascannon. Sergeant carries a combi-flamer.
Tactical Squad 175pts
with meltagun and multimelta.
Tacitcal Squad 175pts
with meltagun and multimelta.

Devastator Squad 150pts
with 4 missile launchers.
Total: 995pts

That gives me 46 bodies, 8 scoring units, 6 kill points and looks like it can take on pretty much anything thrown at me. Now all I need is 15 more tactical marines, 2 flamers and a multimelta. Hopefully I'll get some pics of my current stuff soon.

Take care,