Tuesday, 27 April 2010

First Draft - Ultimate List

Me again,
just thought I'd share the first draft of my PH Raven Guard list. Hopefully will eventually hit the 3,000pt mark.
Primarch Corax* 450pts
Primarch Honour Guard* 330pts
1 extra Primarch Honour Guard. Legion Banner.
Tactical Squad 245pts
Meltagun, missile launcher. Sgt with powerfist. Drop Pod with locator beacon.
Tactical Squad 245pts
Meltagun, missile launcher. Sgt with powerfist. Drop Pod with locator beacon.
Tactical Squad 235pts
Meltagun, missile launcher. Sgt with powerfist. Drop Pod.
Tactical Squad 235pts
Meltagun, missile launcher. Sgt with powerfist. Drop Pod.
Dreadnought 170pts
Lascannon. Drop Pod.
Dreadnought 170pts
Lascannon. Drop Pod.
Legendary Unit
Thunderhawk Gunship 920pts
Turbo-laser destructor.
Total: 3,000pts
* = Units taken from Age of the Emperor Horus Heresy Part 2
Needs something me thinks.

The Beginning


started work on the PH Raven Guard. Not much to share so far but more to come soonish.

First Tactical Squad.

Tactical Squad Drop Pod

More to come. Including updated pics and my ultimate goal (3,000pt list)

Friday, 23 April 2010

Pre-Heresy Raven Guard - 1000pt list

Victorus aut Mortis

Primarch Corax 170pts
Chapter Master with relic blade, artificer armour.

Tactical Squad 210pts
10 Marines. 1 meltagun. Drop Pod.

Tactical Squad 235pts
10 Marines. 1 meltagun. Sergeant has powerfist. Drop Pod.

Tactical Squad 235pts
10 Marines. 1 meltagun. Sergeant has powerfist. Drop Pod.

Dreadnought 150pts
Autocannon. Drop Pod.

Total: 1000pts

Monday, 19 April 2010

Project: Corax, Primarch of the Raven Guard - Accessories

Afternoon y'all,

So it's about time I discussed my first real 'major' project. I want to convert a model for Corax to use with my Pre-Heresy Raven Guard force. Why do I want to do this? Because Primarchs are cool and I want an awesome centerpiece for the army. This project will also be a way to improve my greenstuffing and modelling skills (the GS in particular needs work).

So where to begin? You should NEVER just blindly throw yourself into any project unless you want it to end a disaster. Even if you just have a mental image of what you want to do its a start. Me however because my mind wanders so easily . . . "oooh look a pretty flower" NO! BAD PETTSY! FOCUS! I decided to make some scribbles and as you can see my drawing skills are as bad as my greenstuff skills.

Here we have a potential design for Corax's weapons and powerpack. I like the sword especially though the hilt could be difficult to produce. Everything is a real rough draft at this point but I can already see some things I want to change. Namely; the sword should be longer and the powerpack needs a serious redesign but its a start. Will be back in a short time with updated designs.

Wish me luck,

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Mini-Campaign: Reclaimation of Krytton Secundus

Moved into previously unknown territory a few days back. Me and Rich (regular opponent) have always ensured that each of our games have had a strong narrative behind them, having pretty vivid imaginations this has never been difficult. However, we've always wanted to go furthur and expand those 1 or 2 games into something that tells a glorious tale (for the winner at least). So the release of the Battle Missions book was the inspiration I needed and this is what I've come up with:

It's not perfect by any stretch but then for a first timer you can't expect perfection can you? Still need to get the opening story parts done but then we should be ready to go.

More next time,

Monday, 12 April 2010

Month End Report (March 2010)

Aims for March Reviewed
-Paint existing purchases - Completed
-Paint this months purchases - Completed

March Report:
Funds at March 1st - £30
Empire Pistollers - £12
Space Marine Techmarine - £12
Funds Remaining - £6
Funds at April 1st - £36

Been a good month, got a decent amount done and managed to have funds left over. This will help with my next project.

Aims for April:
-Paint purchases
-Complete Vanquisher 'Old Reliable'

Until next time,

'The Freak Wagon'

I've wanted a Psyker Battlesquad since the new Guard codex came out, the only problem was trying to fit them in background and modelwise.

Now though I've had a flash of inspiration (thanks to Dan Abnett's Only In Death). I'm thinking of using the Empire Flagellants kit as I want them to look like they are barely held in check from turning on their fellow Imperials. For the Overseer I'm tempted to use either a Commissar (I do-so love my Commissars ;]) or the necromunda Arbite with shock maul and supression shield.

Now for 'The Freak Wagon'. As the Essexian 23rd is a mechanized regiment it would look odd to have the PBS without a Chimera. Now heres the genius thing. I want to convert the back of the Chimera into a holding tank. I'm thinking either prison bar cage or enclosed tank.

(Note: Please excuse the naffness of that drawing, I've been really ill all day)

This needs more thinking about,

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Weekly Painting Update

Updates for your viewing pleasure.
Chimera 2
Still needs Autarch splatter on the front.
Commissar-Cadet Horne

Until next time,

Friday, 9 April 2010


Later than expected, but did you really expect any less?

Until next time,

Friday, 2 April 2010

"We call her 'Old Reliable'"

This event deserves a special post all of its own.

After 5 games my Leman Russ Vanquisher has finally destroyed another tank. The Space Wolf Whirlwind 'Tempest of Russ' was anihilated by the tank now daubed 'Old Reliable'.

Its about damn time!

A Grovelling Apology


A small apology for you all today.

Updates on the hobbyfront have been really lax this month due to family issues (I'd rather not go into) and issues with my apprenticeship (that have hopefully been resolved now).

After a really disappointing month I'm ready to dive back into the mess that is my paint station and get things done.

Got a cool project lined up for this month which involves converting, enlarging and green stuffing (oh that last bit is gonna be fun >.<). Will discuss the project more next post :)

Cya soon,