Sunday, 27 June 2010

Dark Elves - Where I Am

Finished Unit of Spearelves

Both Units of Spearelves

Everything Completely Finished (Malus, Assassin, 2 Spearelf Units)
Thats where I currently am with the force, next week hoping to get the Cauldron of Blood I've ordered finished and get a unit of Crossbowelves painted up. Fingers crossed.

Week Challenge - How It Went

It just didn't happen . . . . .

I bet thats what you were expecting to read wasn't it? Well pick your jaw off the floor because I've actually done something this week. The plan was paint for an hour a night and post the results on friday. Started off to a flyer and ended up painting for 2hrs monday and tuesday. College got in the way wednesday, thursday and friday. But last night (saturday) something weird happened: I managed to paint pretty much non-stop for 5hrs (thanks to Mock The Week and Bad Boys 2). So heres the pics.
EDIT: I haven't just been painting 3 spearmen but the full unit of 20. Easier to photo just 3 =)

End of Monday

Shade cloaks basecoated Astronomican Grey.
Spearelves cloth basecoated Mechrite Red.

End of Tuesday

Shade cloaks painted Codex Grey and washed Badab Black.
Spearelves cloth painted Red Gore.

End of Saturday

Spearelves leather painted Bestial Brown. Scabbard banding painted Chainmail. Flesh basecoated Tallarn Flesh, highlighted Elf Flesh, washed Ogryn Flesh.
Next Week?
Probably Cauldron of Blood and either Witch Elves or Crossbowmen.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Challenge - An Hour, A Day, A Week

I would like to confirm, I AM NOT DEAD! Things may have been exaggerated but I have actually been *CENSORED BY ORDER OF THE INQUISITON*.

A friend suggested a simple way to help restart my painting habbits as I've hardly done much for the last 3 months. So heres what I'm gonna do:
  • Paint for an hour each night.
  • Post updates at the end of Friday showing what I've been up to.

Seems simple enough.

So what am I going to be painting?

  • Dark Elf Spearmen
  • Dark Elf Shades
  • And maybe some Dark Elf Cold One Knights

Check back later this week to see how I got on =)