Friday, 26 February 2010

Duties Done

The troops prayed they would never end up here, for many it was the last place they would ever see. Dull moans sounded from several doorways. The smell of anaethetics, blood, vomit and excrement mixed into a potent concoction that threatened to overwhelm the medicaes going about their duties.

Regimental commissar Marcus Von Petts limped down the main corridor of the simple brick building. His boots squelched in fresh patches of blood. He had to step into the doorway of a room as a gurney was rushed passed bearing a screaming trooper into the emergency room, years of experience told him that the occupant would be with the Emperor in no more than an hour. If he could of he would have put the agonised soldier out of his misery; but that would have put him up against Chief Medicae Gerai whose views were that every soldier deserved the chance of survival, no matter how non-existant the chance. An orderlie walking past gave him directions to the room he was searching for. Before entering the ward he removed his cap with his one good hand, the other tightly bound across his chest in a sling, the worst injury caused in the valkyrie crash landing. On entering the room one of the more alert troopers shouted out "Officer present"! Most of the semi-concious men tried to sit up and salute him. "As you were lads", Marcus had no wish to cause them to burst fresh stitchings or aggrivate injuries. He limped over to a bed in the middle of the room. "Corporal Hellock"? At the mention of his name the beds occupant sat up and saluted sloppily. "Sorry sir. Medicae Gerai's keeping me drugged to the hilt". Some of the words were slurred.
"I've read the report Corporal. You did a damned fine job. And from what I understand Epistolary Taeloth owes you his life". A thin smile broke on Von Petts' face. "And its not very often an Astartes says that about a guardsmen".
"Just doing my duty commissar".
"The colonel and I have been keeping our eyes on you Hellock. And now we feel you're ready to move up". He reached his good hand into his shirt pocket and pulled out a fabric square. "It's my pleasure to promote you to the rank of sergeant. You deserve it sergeant". Von Petts attached the sergeant strips to Hellocks shoulder. "We'll have a squad ready for you once you're out of here. Any issues and my door is always open".
"Thank you . . . sir", Hellocks speech was slurring badly now.
"Rest up son". But sergeant Hellock was already asleep. . . .

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

"Forwards Beast Of The Deep!"


Managed to get some pics before the camera died, typical havent used it for a while and when i finally get around to it the battery runs flat. Got a few pics of Malus but not Shadowblade or Shrike.


Overall I feel a bit 'meh' about this model. Under my desk lamp it looks awesome, under normal light it doesn't look as good, also the camera can't get a good focus on the runes of the Warpsword which I feel are probabily the best part of the model. What do you think?

Gaming - Game One
Got in my first game this month yesterday taking my Orks up against my arch-nemesis Plaguelord Atkinson and his traitorous Death Guard. Game started well with the Orks pinning the Chaos Marines in there deployment zone, suffering minimal casulties. Warboss and his Boyz wiped out an entire Plague Marine unit in a single turn (Nob and Warboss did all the work, 18 Boyz failed to kill anything with 68 attacks!) After that the Death Guard began retaking the pace butchering my Boyz everywhere with Typhus leading the spirited counterattack. Fortunately the game ended before he could destroy the Grots holding my objective. WAAAGH! Gorespittle is off to a winning start with a 1-0 win.

Got another game tomorrow, wish me luck and I'll get back to you as soon as possbile ;)

Monday, 8 February 2010

One Year On

Holy Bones of Rogal Dorn!

Today marks the second big milestone of this blog. Today the blog is officially one year old. To think that I started this for a laugh expecting to keep it going for a month or two, get bored and give up. But here I am, one year on and still going strong(ish). Late last month we hit 1,000 views which was unexpected.

Updates haven't been as frequent recently but I am trying to get pics taken, battle reports reported and fluff fluffed(?) okay that last one sounds wrong . . . .

Updates are coming, bare with me a bit longer.

So heres to another hobby filled year.
Cya soon guys and gals,

Monday, 1 February 2010

Month End Report (January 2010)


been a good month on the hobbyfront. Painting is coming along nicelyand I've started to build the Exorcist I got for christmas.

Managed to keep to my aim (well, almost) of spending £30 and painting those purchases. Malus and Shadowblade will be finished tonight and pics should be up by the mid-week. So heres how things stand at the end of January.

January Report
Funds at 1st Jan - £30
- Malus Darkblade - £12
-Shadowblade - £8
-Kayvaan Shrike - £10 (NOT ARRIVED YET)
Total Spending - £30
Funds Remaining -£0
Funds at 1st Feb - £30

Aims for February

  • Paint Shrike.
  • Play minimum of 3 games (more if possible).
  • Paint any purchases by the end of the month.
  • Finish construction of Exorcist.
  • Finish a squad of Sisters of Battle.

So thats it for the moment. I'll be back in a few days with some pics.