Monday, 18 January 2010

Books, Plans and Reviews


Been a weird week, haven't got anything to share at the time being so just going to ramble about a couple of things.

A Novel Idea

Why is it I always want to start a new army whenever I read a new Black Library novel? It happens with Storm of Iron (Imperial Fists), Gaunt's Ghosts: The Saint (Imperial Guard), Malus Darkblade Chronicles 1 (added Malus to my Dark Elves).

And now I want to start up a Word Bearers army because I'm currently reading Dark Creed. If I could actually finish one of the armies I'm currently working on then I would do a small 1,000pt army but because I've got so much to do I'm going to have to try and hold back on that idea for a while. The other reason I don't want to start is it will just be another army that never gets used ala Dark Eldar.

Black Library novels are a very good source of inspiration, something I'm severely lacking at the moment. No doubt once I start reading The Saint again (once I finish Dark Creed) I will get down and paint everything that remains for the Essexians.

Plans For The Rest Of The Month
Forget planning the week, its just not working is it? So I'll set aims for the end of the month. Somehow I've got to resist the call of my Xbox, pull my finger out and get some painting done. I'm spoilt for choice with things I want to do. So here are the aims:
-Finish Malus Darkblade (bought this month).
-Finish Shadowblade (bought this month).
-Finish Sentinels or Vanquisher.

Darkblade has already been started with Spite almost finished.
Shadowblade still needs basing and spraying, after that shouldn't take more than a couple of days at most.
Sentinels just need the cabs painting.
Vanquisher needs tracks, lascannon and details painting.

Should be doable but lets see eh? ;)

If you haven't read any of the Word Bearers trilogy then you seriously need to. The first book is titled Dark Apostle (followed by Dark Disciple and Dark Creed) and sees the Word Bearers assault the world of Tanakreg looking for a powerful artifact. The Imperium responds with a force of Ellysian Drop Troops and Adeptus Mechanicus soldiers to try and retake Tanakreg. The book is utterly engrossing, you could pick it up and before you know it an hour has passed, I had it finished in 3 days. This trilogy I would rate up with the best of Abnett and McNeil.

So this will do for the time being. If you have read any of the Word Bearers books then please leave a comment saying what you liked/disliked and if not why.

Until next time guys and gals,

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Dark Elven Spearmen


here they are:

note: they still need the bases painting but I wanna discuss with my regular(ish) opponent how he is going to base his new fantasy army.

Druchii vs Vampires
Tomorrow I'll be fielding my Druchii for the first time. I've been invited to take them to GW London (Oxford Street) and face the Vampires of one of the staffers. Now, I've never played or watched a game involving Vampires but from what I understand their magic phase is nasty therefore I've gone against everything people have advised and will be taking no magic defence whatsoever. I'm hoping Malus Darkblade and his Cold One Knights can tear the heart out of the Vampires before they do too much damage.

Wish me luck,

Monday, 11 January 2010

Ill and Batteries

I promised earlier to post a pic of my finished Dark Elf Spearmen but I'm horribly ill and the camera battery is dead. Therefore I will post them tomorrow when I get home from my Training Review.

Cya tomorrow,

A New Week, A New Goal


Well the goals I set last week were a little bit too generous. After all I only managed to get the Spearmen finished. The bolt thrower will be finished by tomorrow and Malus should be done pretty soon after that. I'm hoping to have those 2 bits finished by Wednesday when I'll be fielding the Dark Elves for the first time.

I'll post pictures when I get home (in college at the moment).

So until then,

Friday, 8 January 2010

Plans for the Week Update


One word to describe my progress: BAD. I've failed to get the wednesday and thursday done, however I did make progress on both bits so they will be finished by sunday night. Todays objective won't be completed because its far too windy to spray my cold ones :( So i'll have to content myself with painting some Sisters or the Crossbowmen.

Wednesday - Finish Spearmen [X] Got the flesh painted, just left leather belts, sword scabards and the shields to be glued on.
Thursday - Finish Bolt Thrower [X] Just got the last of the crew to paint.
Friday - Spray Cold Ones [X] Not gonna happen.

Yea its not been a very productive couple of days. Going GW in about an hour to see if Malus has arrived and to get my Hydra pinned.

Will update tomorrow,

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Plans for the Week


Now that I'm back at work my painting time has been severly cut. So in order to keep progressing to a decent degree I'm going to set myself some weekly goals, nothing too taxing but enough to keep me motivated.

End of Wednesday - Spearelves finished
End of Thursday - Bolt Thrower finished
End of Friday - Cold One Knights undercoated
End of Sunday - Malus Darkblade finished*

*Depending on if Malus arrives Friday.

So I'm off to get started. Wish me luck,

Friday, 1 January 2010

Gaming Resolutions 2010

A new year is upon us so its about time I made some resolutions. As everyone knows real resolutions never last more than 2/3 months, so I'm gonna make Gaming Resolutions for this year. They are:

Play More - Seems quite simple really, get out more and play. Only got 5 games in last year so I really wanna get gaming more.

Update Blog More - More pics, more conversions, more battlereports.

Follow a Set Spending Limit - This year I'm limiting myself to spending £30 a month, anything not spent can be taken over into the next month.

Write More - Haven't written any decent pieces of fluff this year and as its something I enjoy I want to do it more.

And thats about it. Any bets the spending one goes out the window pretty quickly? :)