Thursday, 5 August 2010

Pre-Heresy Ultramarine Test


I've had a Battle Company of Space Marines sitting in a box for a few months now just waiting for inspiration to strike. Since then a few ideas have entered my head (Raven Guard and Iron Warriors) but those amounted to nothing. Then a few days back it struck me. Ultramarines. I've always enjoyed painting blue (High Elves and Dark Eldar had large amounts of blue) but felt I could do a better job now. So this morning I sat down, put a Mock the Week dvd on (always paint better with a comedy playing on my tv) and painted this Tactical Marine up.

The pic doesn't really do the model justice and I'm extremely happy with the result. It took around 30mins to do this, including drying time for the wash. A couple of squads shouldn't take much longer than an hour to paint up.

Now I just need my Ultramarine shoulder pads to arrive and I'm good to go.

Until next time,